Benefit from the time Covid is giving you

It sounds absolutely mad, right? But think about it…

Right now you’re more or less stuck at home. Your world is upside down and you have a lot of time on your hands. But most of all, you’re about to explode because of wanderlust, aren’t you? Maybe you’ve even had more time than ever to dream about a life as a freedom-seeking full-time traveler?

Why not use these crazy times, where nothing is as it used to be anyway, and gain something amazing from it? Why not begin planning a whole new life? As the traveler, you’re dreaming of being.

You have the time to plan and prepare and you won’t even feel the extra changes in your daily life. They’re already there because of Covid. You can make changes you can benefit from, instead of just getting mad at those you unwillingly have to put up with. You can actually achieve something while you wait.

What are we talking about?

Covid will end. Or at least the world will exist with Covid and we’ll either see a world without Covid or one that’ll be the new normal. Where traveling, exploring, and having a good time will be possible again. And you should get a head start and be ready to take a bite of that apple. You should spend your waiting time preparing and be ready to take the leap.

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We’ll show you how to get what you’re dreaming of

In 2018 we began traveling full-time. We simply sold everything we owned, moved into a motorhome, and began traveling.

Wait, what? Let’s scratch that “simply” part because no one just begin traveling. Preparations take time and change and that’s where you’re in luck (believe it or not!). Going through the 14 lessons of our Masterclass will be a welcome distraction with benefits and lets you spend time on something meaningful: YOU

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