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From Dreamer to Doer Masterclass

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Achieve a life as full-time traveler


We’ve all seen them right? The full-time travelers traveling the world, looking all happy and posting pictures from the amazing places they’ve been to. But how did they actually get there? Did they just wake up one morning, drive to the airport and become travelers? How do they do it?

There’re a lot of guides and courses on the internet on what to see as a traveler, how to live as a traveler, and how to earn money as a traveler. But no one really talks about the steps you have to take before becoming one. How to get rid of all the doubts, overcome the fear and find the secret to starting a new life.

That’s why we decided to create this Masterclass about just that. We’re ordinary people just like you and we’ve been through it all, learning along the way by ourselves, and we want you to have the opportunity to learn from us. We want to be the bridge to your dream. and give you the solution to your questions.

Since 2018 we’ve been full-time travelers, slow-traveling as digital nomads through Europe. We’ve been to 17 countries, met hundreds of people, eaten at countless restaurants, taken thousands of pictures, written numerous articles, been interviewed for magazines and podcasts, and even been on national TV. All that because we decided to go from Dreamer to Doer.


This 14-step Masterclass will take you through the process from the decision to the goodbye and includes:

  • Motivational videos for each lesson
  • Worksheets with a challenge for each lesson
  • A 30-minute free coaching session via chat, Skype, Whatsapp, or similar
  • A free copy of our 200-page e-book “Book of Dreams”
  • Access to the VIP From Dreamer to Doer Masterclass discussion group
  • 12 weeks of full access to tons of Masterclass resources that works
  • and much more…

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